Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vacation dining adventures Part 1

I don't do restaurant reviews because most of my reviews would be for places in Central NJ, and how few readers would that serve?

I live in an area with many great places to eat within minutes of me. Heck, within 30 minutes, we have had at least 4 restaurants featured on different Food Network shows. And that doesn't include the ones featured on various "Dining in NJ" type shows that have been on the Travel Channel and on Food Network.

But, since vaation season is fast approaching, it would be a good idea to let everyone know about some of the great places to eat in Jersey near our resort areas. Yeah, we have resort areas.

My favorite "Must See" is Yesterday's Heroes Ballpark Cafe in Cape May. This is a theme restaurant, which often means overpriced bad food and lots of sceaming kids. I've been there a few times, and the kids were well behaved. Usually we go during the day, when it's not crowded. The food is simple fare, heavy on burgers and things like that. Most have cutesy names, like Jimmy Key Lime Pie. (Jimmy Key was a pitcher who spent some great seasons with the Yankees) I usually choose Joe Pepitone's linguini or whatever it was called. It's a hearty portion of a spicy dish, loaded with shrimp. The Mrs. leans towards burgers, and again, very tasty, and everything is moderately priced. But that is not the only reason we go there. The Cafe has one of the best collections of baseball memorabilia around. Some of the truly weird and wonderful. You may notice when first arriving many women sit alone at the tables, facing an empty chair with a Coke sitting in front of it. That's normal, because the man is usually wandering around the room looking at all the "stuff." And it's great stuff. A lot of memorabilia from the Mick and the Babe. Jersey's from various players line the walls, and signed baseball fill a huge display. I could go on and on, but won't. Just take my word for it. If you find yourself in the Cape May/ Atlantic City area, it's worth the trip to the Ballpark for any baseball fan.

I'll be back later with another dining adventure in the Cape May/Atlantic City area.

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