Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hospital food

Because I've been in the hospital for a few weeks, I thought I'd review the food.

The hospital does proteins and pasta fairly well. They will deliver a piece of dry chicken covered in some yellow gravy. It will taste ok, and gravy covers the overcooking well. Pasta dishes are not too mushy, and the slightly sweet sauce can be doctored bedside with some Mrs Dash or pepper.

Be aware that any sides that accompany your meal will be terrible. Broccoli, green beans, and carrots will be so overcooked and mushy that they are almost baby food. Watered down baby food. Yes, even the mashed potatoes manage to have no flavor, save for the ever present gravy.

Dessert is where the kitchen comes through. It is as if they try to make up for the meal. Pudding is an excellent choice. Jell-o, of course is a staple, and graham crackers are always the snack of choice.

I rate hospital cuisine one half star.