Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a lot of work taking over the blogosphere

I've been pretty busy, between reading blogs and writing, and napping, so I haven't been up to speed on posting.
Today's post will be so stupendous, it will make up for it.
Ok, probably not, but you'll probably like it anyway. You have come to have low expectations from me here, and I meet them.
First, I'm a diabetic, so I don't drink a lot of soda and things like that. But, I do like one every now and then. One of the great bloggers I met has written about Jones Soda. It doesn't have corn syrup, so it has a cleaner, more refreshing taste. I tried a cream soda, and loved it. Here's my buddy's complete write up.

His blog is a mixed bag, and I think you'll enjoy the Hawg's take on Jones Soda.

Next on the agenda: The Mrs. hit the farm market this weekend, and got some corn. It wasn't the white corn I wanted, but it was some yellow with white hybrid. It was sweet as sugar. Fresh corn, locally grown, is better than anything trucked in. Most farmers pick it that day, or the day before at worst. Trucked in corn? Who knows when it was picked, or where it was from.

The tomatoes are looking great. I know the heirloom tomatoes are expensive, but please give them a try. Keep in mind, they are much more expensive to grow, as they generally have a lower yield, and are less disease resistant. As the market for them expands, the price will come down. And, the taste really is so different.

Lastly, I am starting to eat some meat. I'm have been pretty much a vegetarian for a while, but I am having some health issues. So, a couple times a week, I have bison. We get it from Home Shopping (HSN.com) so I know I'm paying top dollar, but I eat so little of it (4 oz 3 x a week) it's not that big a deal. I'd like to get it locally, but, to be honest, Shop-Rite doesn't stock bison.
Tonight I had it with sauted onions and sliced tomatoes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just catching up

The Mrs. caught a deal on Greek Yogurt at the store the other day. The brand was Chobani
While Fage is pretty much the standard around this part of the country, Chobani is made in NY state, so I don't know why I haven't seen it before.
On sale, it was a buck per 6 oz container, so I can't afford to have it every day. Regular price is probably about double that.
Greek yogurt is so much, I guess one could say, richer, than regular yogurt. It is really thick and creamy. It nearly reminds me of a cream cheese/yogurt hybrid. I've heard it is possible to replicate the process at home with regular cheap yogurt, but I've never done it. Back to the Chobani product. I had the strawberry yesterday, and peach today. Each was very good, not too sweet, and the fruit tasted fresh. It has zero fat, which is amazing considering how thick it is. The calorie total was 140 for the 6 oz cup. And it was worth every single one. It delivers 14 grams of protein, and 20 grams of carbs, of which 19 are sugar.
The Mrs. picked up peaches while at the grocery, and I was, to say the least, disappointed. I've become used to the great ones from the farm market, and these were hard, and the taste was more peachy, than peach. She did get some nice strawberries, so it wasn't a total loss as far as fresh foods. But this weekend, I'm going to really whine until she gets to the local farmers market. I want my sweet and juicy peaches. And the corn should be in. I need some sweet white corn. 'tis the season.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I love my tomatoes

It's well known to anyone who has read this blog that I love tomatoes.

Lately, at the farm market, the Mrs. has started buying heirloom tomatoes when she can find them. Last night, we had one.

It may have been the best tomato I have ever eaten. It was the perfect blend of sweetness, with just enough of the acidic bite that makes a fresh tomato such a treat. It tasted like it just came off the vine, at the peak of ripeness. It was meaty, not loaded with seeds.
Last week, she bought some that also had characteristics not found in the average tomato at the grocery store.
I like heirlooms. I'm not enough of a tomato snob to search out the exact heirloom I want, so I lump them all together. I don't even know one from the next by name. I just lump them all together under the banner "heirloom." But I have found that it doesn't matter to me.

I appreciate each one as I eat it. Last week's were very low in acidity. So, I didn't like them as much as this week's, but they still had so much more flavor than what often passes for tomatoes.

I rarely eat fresh tomatoes in the winter. Those hot house and imported from "Parts unknown" just do not have the flavor I want. I wind up using canned tomatoes and cook them. So, now is the time to stock up, so to speak.

And again, try one on a slice of bread with peanut butter.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Report from the Farm Market

The Mrs. just returned from the market with more peaches (this must be the best peach season ever) some peach praline pie (yum) and these tiny plums. I don't know what variety they are but they are about the size of a "shooter" marble, or a jawbreaker, if anyone remembers what they are. I can fit a whole one in my mouth, which is convenient because it prevents the juice from getting over everything. But normal folks would probably be better off eating them in a couple bites.

Plums are low calorie (about 20 for a small one) and are a source of vitamins A and E. They also combat fluid retention and aid in circulation.

A Philly Pretzel store/factory is across the street from the market, so I did have a garlic pretzel today, too.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

M and M Premium

The Mrs. just came back from CVS with these.

picture from sugarhog.net

Mrs. bought the mint. Little pricey. 6 oz package for $4.00 at CVS. White minty chocolate, surrounded by dark chocolate. No crunchy outer shell. It's a very thin shell. They look really pretty, though.
At first, I thought they were like Junior mints (which are so refreshing ) but upon further research, decided they were probably more like an Andes Candies mint chocolates. I liked the crunchy ones they had a few months ago better. And, I much prefer Junior Mints.

I give these 3.5 out of 5.

By the way, for in depth candy reviews, check out www.sugarhog.net. This is a blog devoted to candy, and covers the gamut of candy available from around the world. Pictures are included along with ratings and serving suggestions.
A recent review suggested Hershey's marshmallow filled kisses paired with graham crackers.
Gastronomic genius.

Instant S'mores.

I love this site.