Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I love Crumbles

Meat analogs have come a long way in the last few years. An analog is a substitute for meat made from soy (usually.) We have been cooking lately with Morning Star Farms Griller Crumbles. This is a ground beef substitute that tastes pretty good. Not exactly like beef, but it works pretty well in most dishes. Tonight, my sweetie will be making her almost famous cabbage, beef, onions, and tomato dish. It is really tasty and healthy, and if I had any idea how she makes it, I'd gladly share the recipe. I just know she starts with sauerkraut that she rinses off first to get rid of most of the salt and vinegar.
The other tings she uses Crumbles in is a "meat" sauce for pasta. Growing up, my absolute favorite meal was pasta with ground beef sauce. This makes a good vegetarian substitute.

By the way, for the purists amongst us, it would be a ground beef gravy, technically. Tomatoes and spices are a sauce, add ground beef or any other meat, and it becomes a gravy. Not sure what it would be if a meat analog is added. Technically, it's a sauce, but it's a substitute for gravy. Hmmm.

I don't care. It tastes good.

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Babchi said...

It is amazing how as we age we want to eat "healthy." Healthy, smealthy. Give me Mom's old fashioned meat sauce on white pasta, nothing organic. Oh, that's right, now that I am old, it is instant heart burn...