Monday, June 22, 2009

Wendy's New Chicken

I'm not sure what they call them, but Wendy's has some new chicken choices. They are available in different flavors and we tried them all.

The Buffalo style was spiced very well, and was hot, but not unpleasantly so. While Mrs was sure they were simply the nuggets sauced up, they seemed to be a little bit bigger. They were all white meat, and seemed to be a good value, costing 4 bucks for 8 decent sized nuggets.

The honey BBQ was slightly sweet, with a touch of spice. It was very good. It did have that artificial smoke flavor, which I don't like, but most people seem to.

Lastly was the Asian. That was our favorite. It was sort of a poor man's version of General Tso's chicken. The flavors were nicely balanced, it was neither too hot nor too sweet. I hope this one stays on the menu.

If we order again, Mrs will probably make some rice as a side dish, as that would work perfectly with any, especially the Asian one. The potato just didn't seem to fit.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kentucky Unfried Chicken

We hit the Colonel tonight as the Mrs couldn't wait to try the newest version.

She liked it, I was sort of blase about it. It was ok. Just seemed a bit on the dry side, and a little underseasoned for my taste. One reason I like KFC is it is something I can't make at home very easily. This chicken could be easily duplicated. In fact, Mrs makes it better. I suppose it is decent for food in a hurry if one is on the road. I wouldn't buy it to bring home again-- though I do enjoy the cole slaw.