Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top Chef Show Review

I like cooking shows. A lot. I almost never use the recipes I see, but I learn from them. I have a take what I want and leave the rest attitude is how I would best describe it.

I can "taste" many of the dishes, as I can imagine how they would be. For example, the show I saw today, one chef prepared a cheesecake using gorgonzola cheese. Not very traditional, but I can imagine how it was, creamy, and sweet, but with subtle undertones with the zip of blue cheese. Sounds great, and is the kind of interplay I like in my foods.

Occasionally, a dish will be made that I can't do this with, and today, such a dish was presented. It sounded gross and disgusting. I almost expected the judges to fall in love with it. This expectation came from my familiarity with Iron Chef Japan in which absolutely strange dishes were considered delicacies.

Fortunately, the judges on Top Chef seem to be more stable. And when presented with scallops in a butterscotch sauce (you read that right--freakin' butterscotch) they were suitably disappointed. That must be what happens when the judges are chefs and food critics, and not actors and fortune tellers.


"I should have gone with chocolate covered tuna"


shyne said...

I watched that episode Saturday, too.
Butterscotch with scallops?????? No way! What was he thinking! (Reminded me of an episode when a contestant put tomatoes and peanut butter together)

And I agree about the cheesecake...I'd never have thought of using Gorgonzola, but it does sound good.

It's a great program....thank goodness for reruns!

Da Old Man said...

Tomatoes and peanut butter are the next great undiscovered taste treat.

Just sayin'

: )

shyne said...

LOL...the next new pb & j sammich in the making?