Thursday, May 8, 2008

Peapod is coming tonight; yogurt for everyone.

Oh yeah, tonight's the night Peapod shows up. This is always a good night here. We usually celebrate with a special treat. I'll get to that later.

Peapod is a grocery delivery service, and part of Stop and Shop. They have a limited variety of foods available. They offer more than enough for my typical needs, but some items aren't available. For example, the only ketchup (a staple here) is Heinz and Stop and Shop brand. I like Heinz organic ketchup, but that option isn't available. So, I make compromises. They usually will substitute,and sometimes the substitute is something I wouldn't have ordered. Again, that is part of the deal.

Now, on to our special Peapod night treat.

Fage Greek yogurt. Ok, not the most exciting thing, but this is a real treat for us. This yogurt is rich and creamy, not anything like the dreck I usually eat. It has been strained so the water that usually sits on top of a cup of regular yogurt isn't squirting out when the top is popped. We get the strawberry (the only other choice at Peapod is honey (sounds disgusting.) The strawberry mixture is seperate in a different compartment of the cup. It is possibly the best tasting strawberry stuff (can't call it topping because it isn't on top, what is it?) I would use this yogurt every day, but it is kind of pricy. It costs around 2 bucks a serving, compared to the 50 cent or so on sale stuff I usually buy. And we eat a lot of yogurt, a serving per day each, and just can't justify spending 28 bucks a week for yogurt. Although it is higher in calories than most yogurt, the Mrs. and I think it's worth every spoonful.


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Babchi said...

I like Amy's organic ketchup...mainly because it isn't made by Heinz and who can trust them? I like my fruit separate from my yogurt too except when I am adding the fresh off the farm stuff myself!

Bad enough it takes forever to put groceries away, but even more torturous is buying them and carting them into the house. I wasn't meant for such drudgery!