Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cooking with a crockpot

Summer is here so either grill, or cook on the stove. The oven is off 'til October.

But wait, there is another tasty and cool option. No need to heat up the house to make a roast. I use a crockpot, and in the last week there has been a really tasty pulled pork, and a pot roast.

For the pork I simply roasted in the crock, pulled it apart --shred with a fork-- and added my favorite BBQ sauce.


For the beef, just seasoned it with garlic, added potatoes and carrut, let it go for 5 hours, made a salad then enjoyed a great meal.

You probably have a crock tucked away in the attic or basement and usually used it for hearty winter fare.

But it's great in the summer for keeping the kitchen cool.