Saturday, May 10, 2008

M & Ms Update

M & Ms has a limited edition Mint Crisp Edition featuring Indiana Jones in a green wrapper.


I read on various candy blogs (yes, you read that right, there are candy blogs Photobucket) that they taste like Girl Scout Thin Mints.

I can understand that. They are chocolatey, crispy, and minty, like Thin Mints. I thought they tasted more like a slightly less minty Junior Mint, with a satisfying crunch. Oy maybe an Andes mint with a crunch might be closer to the taste.

Bottom line, they are wonderful. Maybe even better thzan wonderful. And my favorite part is that they are mostly mis-shapen little nuggets. Regular M & Ms are such near perfect litle globules of deliciousness, while these are oddly shaped little buggers. They are the rugged individualists of the candy world.

I most highly recommend trying these. They will only be around for a short time.

Go now. What are you waiting for?


Babchi said...

minty m&m's are just not right, maybe if they were dark chocolate...hmmm

LadyBanana said...

Sound good to me.. bet not in UK tho..