Monday, May 19, 2008

My big weekend

Did a lot of fun food stuff this weekend. The Mrs. fired up the new coffee maker. She had a Kona blend, and I had Italian something or other. Both were delicious. We both take ours with just some soy milk, no sugar, so the full coffee effect comes through.

I also had some fresh watermelon. I know it's not local, because we are a few months away from that here in beautiful Downtown, New Jersey. She bought it at a place called Delicious Orchards. I have no idea what she paid, but it had to be a lot. I have found, the more quaint the name and setting, the higher the price. The cheapest food prices are usually found at stores with names ending in Rite, Town, or Mart. Anything ending in Orchard, Grove, or Acres and you can almost be assured they will have a loan officer on duty.

By the way, Delicious Orchards is wonderful, albeit somewhat pricey. They have a lot of baked goods made right on the premises. The Mrs, did bring home a tray of brownies that were fantatstic. Really chocolatey. I have had an epiphany concerning chocolate lately. I checked the calorie count in a brownie, and find it's a bargain for chocoholics like me. I can have half a brownie (around 100 calories) and its chocolate goodness satisfies me as much as a much higher calorie candy bar.

I only hope it's not like the Seinfeld episode where the yogurt place lied about the calories in a serving.



Nicole said...

Delicious orchards is one of my favorite places ever!! They have some of the best pies I have ever tasted. You can trust my word because in my spare time I am a world renowned pie eater and critiquer.

UnderHeavens said...

Nice Articles you have there. Very informative. Keep them coming.... :D