Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No surprise at Hell's Kitchen

Last night was the traditional contest where Gordon Ramsey tested the palates of his chefs. And, every year, as usual, he was disappointed. This year was as bad as ever, as the chefs were tricked before the contest. Ramsey served them chicken parm, beef stew, and ravioli, and the chefs were asked to guess what was the missing ingredient. The closest anyone came was that one suggested the meat was of a strange consistency. The missing ingredient in every one was the meat. Soy based meats were used to replace the meat, and not one professional chef, aspiring to work for Ramsey in a dream job knew that. I've had plenty of soy based meats, and while many are pretty good, not one tasted exactly like meat. And the consistency was so different, it was almost impossible to not know it wasn't meat.

On to the rest of the challenge. Various foods were tasted blindfolded, and the chefs were able to identify less than half of them. The best anyone did was 2 out of 3. My point in all this? I pointed out, long before the challenge, to my wife that the chefs all smoked. I wondered why anyone who relied so heavily on their palate would smoke and dull it? Makes no sense to me. Anyone who so depends on one of their senses would be foolish to intentionally dull them.




Babchi said...

It is just beyond me that this man is rude, crude and evil, but still manages to have his wares on QVC, his own tv show or two, and my love watches him religiously. Of course they both have the same short temper button and no tolerance...

shyne said...

I've watched some of his shows and am always surprised at how clueless the chefs are.
I think Ramsey wants it that way so he can let his personality loose on them...makes for good TV ratings.