Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is Food Network Star Show a Fraud?

The premise of the show is that they are seeking the Next Food Network star. The show has been on 3 years, and the 3 winners were the Hearty Boys, Guy Fieri, and Amy Finley.

The only one who became a star is Guy. The Hearty Boys, according to the website, are still airing, but it's on at 4:00 a.m.

Not exactly star billing. And I have no idea when Amy's show is on, but last I saw it I believe it was in the highly coveted early Sunday morning slot (sarcastic font).

I don't mind that the winners (Guy Fieri notwithstanding) really were not given proper promotion once they won, but it is kind of a bill of goods.

I just read that Food Network will produce a 4th season. I'll watch even though I know the premise is hokey.


Babchi said...

how can someone who has made "the beverly hillbillies" a daily must see call the food shows "hokey?"

Da Old Man said...