Sunday, August 10, 2008

Report from the Farm Market

The Mrs. just returned from the market with more peaches (this must be the best peach season ever) some peach praline pie (yum) and these tiny plums. I don't know what variety they are but they are about the size of a "shooter" marble, or a jawbreaker, if anyone remembers what they are. I can fit a whole one in my mouth, which is convenient because it prevents the juice from getting over everything. But normal folks would probably be better off eating them in a couple bites.

Plums are low calorie (about 20 for a small one) and are a source of vitamins A and E. They also combat fluid retention and aid in circulation.

A Philly Pretzel store/factory is across the street from the market, so I did have a garlic pretzel today, too.


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Nicole said...

i have the philly pretzel factory down the block from my new house...they are really good and pretty cheap compared to some of the other places =)