Friday, August 15, 2008

I love my tomatoes

It's well known to anyone who has read this blog that I love tomatoes.

Lately, at the farm market, the Mrs. has started buying heirloom tomatoes when she can find them. Last night, we had one.

It may have been the best tomato I have ever eaten. It was the perfect blend of sweetness, with just enough of the acidic bite that makes a fresh tomato such a treat. It tasted like it just came off the vine, at the peak of ripeness. It was meaty, not loaded with seeds.
Last week, she bought some that also had characteristics not found in the average tomato at the grocery store.
I like heirlooms. I'm not enough of a tomato snob to search out the exact heirloom I want, so I lump them all together. I don't even know one from the next by name. I just lump them all together under the banner "heirloom." But I have found that it doesn't matter to me.

I appreciate each one as I eat it. Last week's were very low in acidity. So, I didn't like them as much as this week's, but they still had so much more flavor than what often passes for tomatoes.

I rarely eat fresh tomatoes in the winter. Those hot house and imported from "Parts unknown" just do not have the flavor I want. I wind up using canned tomatoes and cook them. So, now is the time to stock up, so to speak.

And again, try one on a slice of bread with peanut butter.


lot 2 learn said...

Here at my house, we like tomato and mayonaise sandwiches. I have 14 tomato plants in the garden. I have heirlooms, early girls, and beefsteak.

Da Old Man said...

I'm so jealous. Tomato sandwiches, with the tomato still warm from the sun, are the best.

shyne said...

"Tomato sandwiches, with the tomato still warm from the sun, are the best."

Oh my, that's the truth!
Fresh, sun warmed tomatoes are a highlight of my summer.
OK....I'm going to put a slice on a pb sammich today and try it....will let you know my opinion!

shyne said...

OK...I tried a pb sandwich with a slice of tomato. do I put this gently.

Pass the mayonnaise, please....:-)