Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a lot of work taking over the blogosphere

I've been pretty busy, between reading blogs and writing, and napping, so I haven't been up to speed on posting.
Today's post will be so stupendous, it will make up for it.
Ok, probably not, but you'll probably like it anyway. You have come to have low expectations from me here, and I meet them.
First, I'm a diabetic, so I don't drink a lot of soda and things like that. But, I do like one every now and then. One of the great bloggers I met has written about Jones Soda. It doesn't have corn syrup, so it has a cleaner, more refreshing taste. I tried a cream soda, and loved it. Here's my buddy's complete write up.

His blog is a mixed bag, and I think you'll enjoy the Hawg's take on Jones Soda.

Next on the agenda: The Mrs. hit the farm market this weekend, and got some corn. It wasn't the white corn I wanted, but it was some yellow with white hybrid. It was sweet as sugar. Fresh corn, locally grown, is better than anything trucked in. Most farmers pick it that day, or the day before at worst. Trucked in corn? Who knows when it was picked, or where it was from.

The tomatoes are looking great. I know the heirloom tomatoes are expensive, but please give them a try. Keep in mind, they are much more expensive to grow, as they generally have a lower yield, and are less disease resistant. As the market for them expands, the price will come down. And, the taste really is so different.

Lastly, I am starting to eat some meat. I'm have been pretty much a vegetarian for a while, but I am having some health issues. So, a couple times a week, I have bison. We get it from Home Shopping (HSN.com) so I know I'm paying top dollar, but I eat so little of it (4 oz 3 x a week) it's not that big a deal. I'd like to get it locally, but, to be honest, Shop-Rite doesn't stock bison.
Tonight I had it with sauted onions and sliced tomatoes.


The Natural State Hawg said...

Thanks for the mention! I'll warn you, though -- that Jones stuff will spoil you rotten. I haven't had a bum bottle of anything from that place yet. Kind of pricey, though, but what would mere money matter to a man of your vast holdings?

It's coincidental that you mentioned fresh corn for we got about 80 ears of the stuff from Dumas (in south Arkansas) about three weeks ago. We're starting to do that once a year -- it freezes very well and there's just something great about some sweet, corn on the cob in the middle of the year.

Thanks again for the mention, and take care of yourself!

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Da Old Man said...

@ The Hawg: Never thought to freeze corn. I'm going to mention it to the Mrs. That Jones Soda is so good. I'm a sucker for cream.

Don said...

I'll check out "the natural hawg". Sounds like a good site anyway...

Anonymous said...

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