Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More tales from the farmer's market

My town started a farmer's market on Sunday mornings. It's not quite as good as the one 5 minutes away in the next town on Saturday mornings, but I'm glad it gives farmers a chance to sell their products in a better environment.
The new market was such a big deal the local TV station had a crew on hand. And, yes, if you looked quickly, the Mrs. was on film waiting to buy pickles.
After seeing her on TV it made me feel like I'm living with a movie star.

The new market is on Main Street in Edison, and the only complaint is different vendors show up, which is good in a way, but bad in another. They have a pickle guy, and we love our pickles. This week we had pickled mushrooms, some new pickles, and gardinara.(sp)
But the new market doesn't have a bread guy like the market in Metuchen has. And the bread guy has focaccia, so none for me this week.
But we did get some wonderful peaches. This year seems to be the best for peaches in a long time. And the Mrs also picked up some wonderful plums and heirloom tomatoes.
We really enjoy the heirloom tomatoes. We slice them up, and use the slightest sprinkle of sea salt. The ones we had were slightly less acidic than the usual tomatoes we get, but bursting with flavor.

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Nicole said...

wow...I can't believe you are actually living with a celebrity!! lol ...Was she really on t.v. for shopping at the market? That is too funny..she should of held up a sign with your web address on it-imagine all the traffic you could of gotten from the millions of viewers...ok fine maybe 10 people were watching but I'm sure at least 1 of them would of came by your site...and after finding out how awesome it was you would have gotten a reader for life =)