Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's up with Hell's Kitchen?

This crop of would be head chefs must be the worst ever in the short history of the show. In about 4 episodes, Ramsey will turn over the stewardship of one of his restaurants to one of these 5 remaining cooks.

All except for Petrozza and Bobby seem clueless.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Ramsey is leaning towards either/both of them. It's still early, but they are the only two that haven't really annoyed him yet. At least they haven't done it too much.

I still like the show, but it isn't can't miss TV for me. Just a lot of yelling with very little cooking going on.



Nicole said...

I love Ramsey don't need to see lots of cooking when you have him screaming at everyone--thats what makes it must see tv for me

Salamat said...

sorry, but I don't like the show... it's traumatic to me, lols! really, I always thought cooking should be a passion:) my hubby watches the show though...

shyne said...

I tend to watch it for the drama, too.
I like to watch cooking shows when I have the time, but this one seems more like a soap.