Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top Chef New Season Started

This year they are in New York. First episode was pretty exciting.
Pretty interesting that first episode had a reunion of sorts, two of the chefs knew each other from culinary school. In the very first challenge, one got eliminated, and then in the next competition, the other was on the block, and then he was cut.

This is an ok reality show. It may be a bit less scripted than Hell's Kitchen.
Update on muffin tops.

I just ordered the chocolate ones as my local store just is so limited in variety. Even direct from the company, they are pretty expensive, but I can justify them as they are healthy, and taste like a treat. They are comparable to bars that taste like crap, and price wise about the same as an unhealthy treat like a TastyKake.


Bill said...

One of my favorite hours of the week. I don't have a favorite chef yet, how about you?

Anonymous said...

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