Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Muffins A Health Food?

These could be. Vitalicious muffins are a healthy choice (not Healthy Choice) for everyone, and may even be a good choice for diabetics.
I had the chocolate muffins. They are 100 cal, with 6 gr of fiber, and 3 gr of protein. The taste was very good, but because they are so low fat, they tended to be a bit on the dry side. They wound up falling apart. Definately not my favorite because of that. While they are very chocolatey, I was pretty unhappy with the consistency.
I also tried a muffin top. Fans of Seinfeld are already excited, I'll bet. I had the cran bran one, and it did not have the same dryness of the chocolate muffin. I highly recommend the muffin tops.
I have a link below, but they are available in the freezer section of many stores. I bought mine at Stop and Shop.

They were very pricy, though. The online price was surprisingly cheap. To get free shipping, one needs to spend 175 bucks, which is a lot. What would be smart, would to get together with a few friends and put a nice order together. According to the website, they are 1.03 per box, while Stop and Shop charged $4+. That is significant. I'm guessing other stores charge much less, so it may be a good idea to shop around.


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Michelle J said...

I love the chocolate vitamuffins!! I feel as though i am eating a piece of chocolate cake!!! 100 calories, i am so there!!!

Stop & Shop $4.99...for box of 4. That is steep but i likey!!!