Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White Castle Goes Country

White Castle is probably the most innovative of the burger chains. Last night we saw a commercial for their newest treat, a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.
When I told Mrs. about this, she came up with an excuse to go out today to the Castle.

We each had to have one, and do a taste test.

To begin, the sandwiches were very reasonably priced at 99 cents. Of course, they were White Castle sized, so the average person is going to need at least a couple.

There is not a lot of filling (hey, what did I expect for under a buck?) but it was pretty tasty.

I've had plenty of pulled pork and before you suggest that NJ isn't exactly the BBQ capital of the world, we have attended festivals and had BBQ from some world class BBQ makers. We are not experts, but not exactly novices, either.

So, our analysis of the sandwich: The BBQ sauce was slightly sweet. We both personally prefer a more tangy sauce. The pork was tasty, and tender. If White Castle still has the sandwich when we go back, we would probably get it again, but get a few sandwiches, and double or triple up, combining the filling to make a super sized sandwich. It was just too "bready" for us. I think White Castle would have done better to make a thicker and sloppier sandwich. Sure, it would cost more, but the sacrifice for a price point left me unsatisfied. I would have much preferred paying $1.89 or even $1.99 for a double helping.
Sure it would be messy, but that is part of the BBQ experience. I remember having to nearly hose off the Mrs. after one festival. And it was so worth it.
On a scale of 1-5, I'd rate the sandwich a solid, and tasty 3.


lot 2 learn said...

New Jersey style BBQ ? Sounds good to me. Boy what I would not do for a bag full of those little White Castle burgers right now

Da Old Man said...

@ Lot2Learn: A few years ago, NJ had something called GuitarBQ. It was a day of music and BBQ pit masters from the whole country. We sampled food from the ones who had lots of awards. It was good stuff.
We actually do have quite a few traditional BBQ places around here, and they are as good as the food of any of the masters we had sampled.

siteseer said...

love the castle!

Judy said...

I love this sandwich...I've been goin' to the castle since the 1940's. In high school...we stopped at White Castle on the way to school. A burger and what was similar to Wendy's Frosty was 20 cents. The all American breakfast!

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