Friday, October 3, 2008

Such a lunch!

Today I had a nice mid day repast with the Mrs. We ordered the "Lunch Special" from a local Chinese restaurant. It was a deal and a half. For $5.85, I had a large portion of General Tso's (Cho's, Tsao's?) chicken, some vegetable fried rice, and an egg roll. Oh, and the fortune cookie was included. I've heard of places that charge for the cookie. That's not right.
Anyway, it was a good portion of food. I'm full and happy. I could have gone to MickeyD's, Wendy's or the King, and would have spent just as much or more for a "value meal," and it would not have made me as satisfied. Of course I could have gone to White Castle and had a bunch of delicious Slyders for that price (don't want to upset the good folks at White Castle again--they get pretty sensitive) but tasty steam/ grilled little burgers with the big taste just weren't going to cut it today.
(Yes I'm a suckup. I know the VP of marketing from WC has read my blog, and I want to stay on her good side. Maybe she'll give my readers some free burgers, which would be a great promotion, by the way. Just sayin'. White Castle Slyders, as read on would certainly look swell on the next promotional poster.)
Back to my lunch. I'm not sure how great a general Tsao was, but the man could certainly make spicy chicken. The place we ordered from today spices it exactly perfectly for me. Some make it so hot, I can barely eat it. And I have to be careful because they may leave those little super hot peppers in the sauce, and more than once I've accidentally eaten one of them. And lunch should never hurt that much. This place just seasons it without leaving those stupid peppers in it. Hot without pain. I really don't want to sweat like a Cambodian hooker just from eating a piece of chicken.
Oh, and I got a fortune cookie and, of course, I played the fortune cookie game with it. The game always works, and is always funny.
Just read your fortune, and add "In bed" after it.
Today's fortune--Determination is what you need now--in bed. LOL. It always works.


Anonymous said...

"sweat like a Cambodian hooker"? How would you know that? I have met a few Cambodian hookers in my day and they certainly were not sweaty!

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well lunch huh