Friday, September 12, 2008

MMM White Castle

Last night, after my monthly doctor's appointment we went to White Castle. We do this once a month, probably because more often would kill me.
Anyway, WC must have the absolute worst marketing department in the world.
This month, the special is a slyder with A-1 steak sauce.

Ok, not exactly the greatest innovators at WC test kitchens. Not to be outdone with such really uninspired cuisine, the advertising poster is proudly displayed in the windows. I like looking at details, and the sign has something I've never noticed in a fast food ad.

Small print at the bottom says limited time--ok, I've seen that. And then it says, "While Supplies Last." WTF

Don't they make the slyders right there? Is there a possible shortage of A-1 Steak Sauce?

I'm pretty sure Costco and Sam's Club has 100's of gallons of the stuff on the shelf.

Oh well. Tomorrow is farm market day. I'll be back Monday or Tuesday with the wrap up and see what the Mrs. finds.

The market is only open for a few more weeks.


lot 2 learn said...

You just killed me. I haven't seen a White Castle in years. I think the last one I ate at was on Metropolitan Ave. off of the BQE in New York. We would go in there at night when we were doing fiber work, and by bagfulls and eat at them all night. I loved those little things. Thanks for the memory

Da Old Man said...

@ lot2learn: I love them, too. We have a bunch of White Castles around here. It's probably my favorite place, but they can be deadly. I pay for them once at the counter, and again the next day.

Don said...

Every time I eat one of those baby burgers, I get sick. Don't know why. They're fine going down.

Da Old Man said...

@ Don: They are notorious for that.

Anonymous said...

Just as an fyi, we are running out of A1 sauce because others do like it so much that we can't keep up with the demand, but we have ordered more, however, we won't keep the sauce after a few weeks in all locations...government regulations require we be honest about that!
Sorry to hear that you are disappointed in our advertising but we appreciate your comments.

Kim Bartley, VP, marketing

Deb said...

What a riot!

Can you do a post on Burger Thing next?

Chat Blanc said...

What, no coupons from the marketer??? BTW, you must be known worldwide!