Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to the Joy of Toast

This is a blog dedicated to the weird things I eat, mostly on toast. And an occasional review of cooking shows. Hey, it can't be all about me.

Ok, some of it's not so weird, and to me, none of it is. But I have been told, Old Man, you eat some strange stuff. Not Andrew Zimmern weird, but strange by normal diet standards.

I'll start with today's lunch. I had a banana, some pineapple, and a sandwich.

But what kind of sandwich? Ok, here is where, I admit, it may be a bit odd. I had toasted rye bread, covered with peanut butter, grape jam, and sliced jalapenos.

This is one of my all-time favorites. And before you decide it's gross, think about it. It combines the sweetness of the jam, the smoothness of the peanut butter, and the spicy deliciousness of jalapenos.

Yeah boi!


Nicole said...

sounds pretty gross to me

Michiganderlady said...

Sounds gross to me too. :)

Babchi said...

hey, i love toast, and i trust your tastebuds...