Monday, June 8, 2009

Kentucky Unfried Chicken

We hit the Colonel tonight as the Mrs couldn't wait to try the newest version.

She liked it, I was sort of blase about it. It was ok. Just seemed a bit on the dry side, and a little underseasoned for my taste. One reason I like KFC is it is something I can't make at home very easily. This chicken could be easily duplicated. In fact, Mrs makes it better. I suppose it is decent for food in a hurry if one is on the road. I wouldn't buy it to bring home again-- though I do enjoy the cole slaw.


lot 2 learn said...

My friend, I think we must be related, I did not care for the grilled version either. I had it once, and decided then I would stick with the original recipe version.
As for the sides, you can't beat the cole slaw, or even the gravy. I just may have some leftover in the fridge, so it's time for a snack

Mike Golch said...

I agree with you the new style of chicken sucks,but the coleslaw is good.Sometimes we go there just to get the coleslaw.

Da Old Man said...

@ Lot2learn: I forgot about the gravy. That is some good stuff

@ Mike: We wound up finishing the slaw, but the chicken hung around for a few days til it became part of a chicken salad sandwich.