Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baja Fresh is the Bomb

Just finished a nice lunch from Baja Fresh, which is a slightly upscale Taco place, I guess. At least compared to Taco Bell, it is.

I had the triple taco combo or whatever they call it. It had a grilled shrimp taco, along with a couple mahi mahi ones.

I do like my fish tacos, so the mahi mahi was fine with me. And the shrimp tacos were delicious, served with a slice of avacado, and a bit of salsa, they were unique and quite a tasty lunch.

We had a coupon, so it was 5 bucks for lunch, which is a good deal. Without the coupon, it would have been $8. That is a bit on the high side for lunch, but it did come with a scoop of beans and some nice Spanish rice. Maybe I'm just cheap, but that is a bit more than I feel comfortable with paying for lunch from a take out place.

The tacos were good, with a modest piece (more like 2 fish sticks) of fish, and (4 or was it 5?) small grilled shrimp.

It was fair at five bucks, pricey for 8.

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