Friday, February 20, 2009

Amy's Burrito's

Tonight, Mrs. made me a couple burritos for dinner.

The directions on the package are for baking in the oven, or making it in the microwave. Mrs. just made it on the stovetop. It cooked pretty quickly, though, she did start out by putting them in the fridge to defrost this morning, and using a nonstick pan, it took about 15 minutes on each side on low heat. As they were nearly finished, she covered them with some salsa, and heated them for a few minutes more.

What I got was the equivalent of what some Mexican restaurants call a "wet burrito."

I had the cheddar cheese and a non dairy one. It was hard to tell which was which as the cheddar one wasn't particularly cheesy. But it was darn good. It had a nice balance of flavors, and wasn't overly stuffed with beans or rice. But, after two of them, I was very full. We sometimes go to Baja Fresh, and this tasted nearly as good as anything we ever got there, and absolutely kicked the crap out of anything from the Bell.

Price wise, it wasn't bad considering that everything is made with organic ingredients. We paid 2 bucks each on sale at Stop and Shop.


The burritos are relatively low cal (under 300 each) and less than 3 gm. of fat. The sodium level is not too bad either, at less than 600 mg.

The burrito is not very spicy, but that can be corrected with some Tabasco. It has all the good qualities of fast food, but with none of the bad ones.


lot 2 learn said...

I like to buy this kind of burrito for a quick lunch. Pop it in the microwave for a couple minutes, and cover it in French dressing. I never knew they were kinda healthy

harleyblues said...

defrost it in the Mikee first old man.. than get creative.

amy's is yum yum

Anonymous said...

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