Monday, December 8, 2008

This is some serious stuff

Everyone knows my main blog is a humor one, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. But this is not a joking matter--the Community Food Bank of NJ is in deep trouble. The shelves are nearly bare. Several NJ bloggers are working to raise awareness, and a little cash, to help out.

From the website:
The Community FoodBank of New Jersey works to provide support to over 1,600 agency programs that partner with us in the fight against hunger and poverty. These partners are nonprofit organizations that operate the following types of programs and services:
Emergency food pantries
Soup kitchens
Shelters and on-site residential programs
Senior feeding programs
Child care centers
Afterschool programs
Group Homes
Summer camps

As the economic situation in our country continues to decline, more and more of our fellow citizens in our state are relying on food banks to have enough to get the family through the week.
Some seniors have to choose between food and medicine, while some working poor have to decide whether they can afford to eat or not tonight.
This is a bank that can't fail. They need our help, and fast. My budget is stretched pretty thin, but I usually manage to find enough cash for a fast food lunch or two per week. I've stopped that, and plan to donate the savings to the Food Bank. If each of us can do a little, it will mean a lot.


Anonymous said...

Well, I just cannot give up my fast food so I will do without something else and send cash asap! no one should ever go hungry!

Anonymous said...

whenever i go to the grocery store on occasion there has been donation opportunities at the check out register. i always give at least $5. everyone can at least afford a dollar!